Cable Vet Ed Turner Dies


California News Service president and Cable News Network veteran Ed
Turner died of liver cancer this past weekend.

For more than one year, Turner, 66, has been spearheading the effort to raise
money to roll out the network, which was to be based in Sacramento, Calif.

Turner -- who was always quick to note that he was no relation to CNN founder
Ted Turner -- died Saturday at George Washington University Hospital in
Washington, D.C. He was a veteran TV newsman when he joined CNN in 1979, prior
to its launch, and he helped to bring the service to journalistic

In 1999, Turner failed in his effort to get another regional cable network
launched in the Washington, D.C., area.

That proposed public-affairs network, The Forum Network, was the creation of
The Freedom Forum and WETA, the public TV station in Washington, D.C. But the
network was shelved when it couldn't secure carriage from Comcast