Cable Web Sites Outpaced Others


Americans spent more time visiting Web sites tied to basic-cable networks
than other media-related groups combined during May, according to a
Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau analysis of Nielsen/NetRatings data.

The CAB analysis indicated that the number of gross at-home and at-work usage
minutes -- unique audience multiplied by the time spent per person -- recorded
by basic-cable channels totaled more than 1.46 billion during May.

Citing the Nielsen information, the CAB analysis found that cable-tied Web
sites attracted some 43.3 million unique users during May. In turn, those
visitors spent an average time of 33.7 minutes on those sites last month.

Cable's numbers outpaced the 1.28 billion gross usage minutes recorded by the
collective sites of broadcast TV (223.5 million), newspapers (692.1 million),
magazines (293.4 million) and radio (70.9 million).

The active reach of ad-supported cable-network Web sites in May, according to
the CAB analysis, was 38.2 percent of all combined at-home and at-work Internet
users. Magazines were next at 18.1 percent, followed by newspapers at 15.4
percent, broadcast at 11.2 percent and radio at 3.1 percent.

The data represent the first time combined, unduplicated
at-home and at-work usage information for media-driven Web sites has been made
available by Nielsen/NetRatings.