CableLabs Adds HD to OpenCable Specs


Cable Television Laboratories Inc. has raised OpenCable's resolution with the
addition of high-definition elements to its Host Core Functional Requirements

The cable-technology consortium announced Thursday that it has added HD
elements to the OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP) 2.0 software specification
and the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification set-top gateway
requirements issued earlier this year.

The High Definition Host specifications define requirements for a retail
set-top box able to decode high-definition digital programs provided by
digital-cable networks. The new specification includes requirements for the
baseband Digital Video Interface with High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection
(HDCP) for picture clarity.

'Incorporating DVI and HDCP into the OpenCable High Definition Host spec is a
major step in fulfilling the cable industry's support for this digital
connector,' said Don Dulchinos, vice president of advanced platforms and
services at CableLabs.

The specification also provides connection-interface guidelines -- such as
IEEE-1394 with Digital Transmission Content Protection and high-definition
analog-component interface (EIA/CEA-770.3-C) -- used to connect boxes with
televisions and recorders.