CableLabs, Cable Europe Labs Expand Relationship


CableLabs and Cable Europe Labs strengthened their ties, initiating a one-year trial program to collaborate on research projects that the R&D groups said could lead to longer-term joint cooperation.

Under the terms of their memorandum of understanding, announced Monday, CableLabs and Cable Europe Labs will each identify technical initiatives in which the other organization can more directly participate and contribute. The agreement expands on informal coordination between the two groups on projects including EuroDOCSIS 3.0 and EuroPacketCable, as well as alignment in certification programs and standards initiatives.

Advanced network architecture and Wi-Fi wireless technologies are examples of areas where the coordination between CableLabs and Cable Europe Labs can provide substantial benefit to their respective members, according to CableLabs executive vice president and chief operating officer Chris Lammers.

"This accord builds upon the five years of collaboration on specification development and certification testing on high speed data and digital voice to assist cable operators in North America and Europe achieve global economies of scale on new technologies," Lammers said in a statement.

Cable Europe Labs, based in Brussels, Belgium, was formed in 1996. Previously called EuroCableLabs, it was modeled on CableLabs, which was formed by North American operators in 1988. The European group's members serve 73 million TV, broadband and telephony customers in Europe.

"Cable needs scale to thrive, and this is a major step in creating more worldwide scale in our technology development," commented Lorenz Glatz, chief technology officer of Kabel Deutschland Group and chairman of Cable Europe Labs' CTO Committee.

Glatz cited hybrid-fiber coax network evolution, Metro Wi-Fi, energy management and the digital dividend/LTE interference as potential areas of collaboration.