CableLabs Certifies New Gear


Scientific Atlanta Inc. and TiVo Inc. received qualification for two CableCARD-related products from Cable Television Laboratories Inc.

CableLabs said TiVo achieved “verification” for a new HD-capable digital-video recorder that will have a CableCARD slot. TiVo said the DVR will be on the market later this year.

“We wanted to have an HD CableCARD product,” said Mark Roberts, senior vice president, products and operations at TiVo. He added that the company hasn’t decided what size hard drive to put into the dual-tuner box.

CableLabs awarded “qualified” status for SA’s multistream CableCARD, which would allow consumers to watch and record programming from multiple simultaneous tuners via a single CableCARD.

Advanced Digital Broadcast signed a downloadable-conditional-access-system licensing agreement with CableLabs, which will allow ADB to build retail set-top boxes and other devices that deploy downloadable conditional access.

CableLabs also announced the release of specifications for an advanced Internet-protocol-services platform.