CableLabs Certifies Seven DOCSIS 3.0 Devices

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CableLabs has certified six cable modems and voice/data devices for DOCSIS 3.0 specification in its latest certification wave from Cisco Systems, Motorola, Netgear, Juniper Networks, Thomson, Ubee Interactive and D-Link.

The products approved for DOCSIS 3.0 in CableLabs Certification Wave 70 are: Cisco's DPQ3212 embedded multimedia terminal adapter (eMTA); Netgear's CG3000 wireless voice/data cable gateway; Motorola's SB6180 cable modem; D-Link's DCM-301 cable modem; Thomson's DCW775 gateway; and Ubee's DDW3610 cable modem.

In addition, Juniper's ECM3100 became the first embedded cable modem module, or "eCMM," to receive DOCSIS 3.0 certification. CableLabs also granted PacketCable 1.5 certification to the Cisco DPQ3212 and the Netgear CG3000, which supports up to eight bonded channels downstream and four upstream to provide connection speeds up to 320 Mbps downstream and 120 Mbps upstream.

The DOCSIS 3.0 specification requires products to support Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), as well as be backward-compatible with DOCSIS 2.0 and DOCSIS 1.1.