CableLabs Creates Bandwidth Forum


Cable Television Laboratories Inc. said it has formed the Bandwidth Modeling
and Management Vendor Forum, creating a venue for member companies and equipment
vendors to discuss future bandwidth-management practices and requirements.

The new forum is an element of an existing CableLabs project with the aim of
identifying and developing products that enable operators to model and better
utilize the bandwidth available on cable networks for carrier-grade audio,
video, high-speed-data and voice services.

Once such modeling and management systems are developed, CableLabs said it
will encourage vendors to employ them in their future products. Because the
technology involved is still in development, the project will not result in an
approved list of vendors.

CableLabs has directed companies interested in
participating to contact director of network systems Terry Shaw at 303-661-9100

The organization added that a mix of large and midsized MSOs is supporting
the effort. They include AT&T Broadband, Adelphia Communications Corp.,
Chambers Communications Corp., Charter Communications Inc., Classic
Communications Inc., Comcast Corp., Rogers Cable Inc. and Time Warner Cable.

The bandwidth forum is one of several specialized projects CableLabs has
launched recently. For example, the organization's Forum for Open Cable
Interactive Services is designed to help vendors write software applications for
the OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP) middleware