CableLabs Expands Its Ranks


Cable Television Laboratories Inc. said it has fleshed out its staff to
handle a spate of key cable-industry technology initiatives.

For starters, CableLabs said, it has hired Paul Whitehead as vice president
of strategic assessment. In that role, Whitehead will oversee CableLabs'
CableHome and Go2Broadband projects, and his team will assess new technologies
for their technical, economic, public-policy and strategic implications.

Whitehead is a former U S West (now Qwest Communications International Inc.)
executive who was in charge of the telco's VDSL (very high-speed
digital-subscriber-line) rollout in Phoenix.

CableLabs also appointed Bernd Lutz as director of CableHome and Perry O'Neil
as director of the organization's CableB2B program.

Before joining CableLabs, Lutz was chief technology officer and among the
founders of online merchant, and O'Neil led engineering and
product development for fixed-wireless firm Formus Communications.

Whitehead's strategic assessment will also be populated by incoming director
of project requirements Raji Raman and director of strategy development Anthony

And CableLabs expanded its cable-modem-certification project with the
addition of John Eng as director of DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface
Specification) platforms.

On the OpenCable front, CableLabs hired Jim Fahrny as security architect for
application programs and services, responsible for copy-protection and digital
rights-management issues; Frank Sandoval as senior software architect; and
Joseph Weber as senior technologist for advanced platforms and services. Weber's
duties include OpenCable extensions for high-definition television and personal
video recorders.