CableLabs To Highlight Tools, Support Tech At Cable-Tec Expo


CableLabs will host a booth with demos centered on operational tools and support software at the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers Cable-Tec Expo in New Orleans Oct. 20-22.

The 600-square-foot booth, co-sponsored with SCTE, will contain exhibits of CableLabs-generated technology demonstrations, spanning a range of interactive TV, troubleshooting, monitoring and device management tools and software.

"Helping to resolve critical operational issues for our members based on CableLabs' advanced technology development is a key part of the ongoing association between CableLabs and SCTE," CableLabs president and CEO Paul Liao said. "This booth will contain several, but not all, of the advanced technology service tools and test processes we are rolling out to the industry."

SCTE president and CEO Mark Dzuban said the booth demos were "the tip of the iceberg in our cooperative relationship with CableLabs. By working together, our two organizations can provide the training and education necessary to ensure that cable's workforce is optimizing how these tools can solve operational issues in the field with respect to the new technologies developed by CableLabs."

At Cable-Tec Expo 2009 in Denver, CableLabs presented a 3DTV pavilion with Panasonic, Sony, LG Electronics and Hyundai IT. The consortium first had a presence at SCTE's flagship conference in the early 1990s.

This year, CableLabs demos are to include:

* Proactive network maintenance, showing the use of pre-equalization data and network topology information for fault localization and troubleshooting of cable plant problems proactively;

* The Examine Your Edge System (EYES) tool, which provides visibility into cable system metadata;

* Tru2way software development kit, an integrated development environment for writing tru2way applications on a PC platform;

* Wi-Fi Gateway Management (GW), showing a variety of public, enterprise and residential Wi-Fi deployment scenarios with the support of suppliers ClearAccess and Netgear;

* SCTE-130 emulator, for testing components capable of exchanging and verifying specific SCTE-130 messages for dynamic advertising insertion;

* The Enhanced TV Activity Reporting System (EARS), a platform for monitoring and reporting interactive TV elements in video streams at multiple points in the headend and edge;

* CableLabs AdLab and Canoe Innovation Lab, geared around evolving SCTE 130-based dynamic ad insertion capability; and

* Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) information and resources to promote awareness of the spec, which the cable industry expects will reach 25 million households by the end of 2010.