CableLabs To Host 3D TV Pavilion At Cable-Tec Expo


With an eye on what could be the next big video development after HDTV, CableLabs will stage a demonstration of 3D theater and TV displays at the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers' Cable-Tec Expo.

The CableLabs 3D TV Pavilion, co-sponsored with SCTE, will include a mini theater provided by Sony and a home theater provided by Panasonic, as well as displays of consumer 3D television sets from Hyundai IT, LG Electronics and Sony.

Earlier this year, CableLabs began formally investigating the issue of delivering 3D TV over cable infrastructure, to evaluate the different technologies in the market.

According to CableLabs, the 3D TV Pavilion will include the first demonstration of synchronized, full-color, HD stereoscopic 3D video signals being transmitted over a single cable channel on a real cable system. Unlike the 3D-TV delivery of the past that used colored glasses, this new system works with next-generation 3D-ready TVs that use either polarized or active shutter glasses.

"Our goal in producing this demonstration is to make the cable industry further aware of the power of 3D theater experience in the home as well as at the movies," CableLabs president and CEO Paul Liao said in announcing the exhibit.

The 3,400-square-foot booth will located on the Cable-Tec Expo floor in the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. The show is set to run next week from Oct. 28-30.

As part of the CableLabs exhibit, Comcast Media Center will provide 3D content from cable television programming networks. "We think 3D television delivered to the home may be a way for cable operators to differentiate themselves with consumers and we are very interested in the technology on display in this pavilion as a component of that effort," Comcast CTO Tony Werner said in a statement.

Sony's 900-square-foot 3D Theater will use a RealD XLS 3D passive stereo optical system and glasses. The vendor also will show a prototype of its 3D-ready LCD flat-screen TVs that use active shutter glasses.

Panasonic, meanwhile, will show its HD 3D home theater with a 103-inch plasma TV in a 53-foot-long tractor trailer. Hyundai IT will show a 46-inch HD LCD 3D display and LG will demonstrate a 47-inch LCD HDTV model, both of which use polarized glasses to view stereoscopic images.