CableLabs Issues VOD Specs


Cable Television Laboratories Inc. Thursday issued the first set of specifications for next-generation video-on-demand.

The cable industry’s research-and-development arm said its “ADI2.0 (Asset Distribution Interface) Asset Structure” specification defines the logical organization of metadata structures (group asset, metadata asset, content asset) and operations to place content assets in context with one or more cable-services offerings.

This allows for better utilization of asset-management systems at cable headends, CableLabs added.

"This has been a significant, constructive and collaborative effort between many diverse companies involved in the video-on-demand cable industry," CableLabs project director Yasser Syed said in a prepared statement.

"Initially, as the next immediate step, we will be looking at taking VOD-movie metadata-application structures in the 1.1 specifications and moving them into a 2.0 structure,” Syed added. “This will enable us to do a better job of distinguishing standard-definition television programming, high-definition television programming and other product offerings."

The ADI2.0 documents are available on CableLabs’ Web site (