CableLabs Launches PeerConnect Registry For IP Communications


CableLabs has officially launched the PeerConnect registry, a service to let North American cable operators and their partners exchange information to establish IP-based voice and video calls.

CableLabs built the PeerConnect registry service, which has been in development since 2009, in conjunction with member companies and vendors. The service provides a secure, distributed service platform for the provisioning and distribution of session related data for SMS-MMS and voice-over-IP communications, the R&D consortium said.

"We have designed this service to accelerate the adoption of end-to-end IP communications and open up the possibilities for new real-time communication services," said CableLabs senior vice president of technology development Jean-François Mulé, who has overseen the PeerConnect project.

The PeerConnect registry includes three main service elements: a registration service allowing cable operators to dynamically provision various service data elements; a resolution service element for cable operators and their peering partners to perform number translation and routing queries to the registry using the Internet Engineering Task Force's SIP and ENUM protocols; and a replication element to dynamically distribute session routing data for SMS-MMS and VoIP to select partner companies

"We solved many parts of the dynamic and distributed provisioning issues by implementing Web services and adopting an open protocol framework for data provisioning, resolution and replication working with numerous actors in the [IETF] to agree on common standards," Mulé said.

U.S. and Canadian cable technology execs weighed in with statements supporting the initiative.

"The PeerConnect registry allows Comcast to move telephone number translation services inside the IP domain," said Phil Miller, Comcast vice president of strategic partnership development. "It provides a scalable solution for us to dynamically distribute numbers and other IP voice session routing data to select partners."

"Cablevision has been using the PeerConnect registration services for some time with great success to disseminate IP session routing information to peers. It is a scalable solution for managing peering relationships and it is built on open standards to advertise session routing data to various valued-added service companies," said Wayne Thompson, vice president of telecom and Internet management at Cablevision Systems.

Cox Communications director of wireless product development and management R.K. Gopinath added, "The PeerConnect registry is part of the SMS-MMS service platform Cox Wireless TMI has been leveraging with great success for its mobile rollout."

More info about the PeerConnect registry and how to participate is available at