CableLabs' OCAP Testing Rolls On


A second run at interoperability testing for the OpenCable Applications
Platform turned up good results, according to Cable Television Laboratories

The Louisville, Colo.-based cable-technology consortium hosted the second
OCAP interoperability event in July and 15 companies answered the call with
hardware, middleware, interactive-TV applications and other development

Hardware platforms were submitted by companies including Advanced Digital
Broadcast Ltd., Alticast Inc., Canal+ Technologies, IBM Corp., NEC Corp.,
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. (Panasonic), Royal Philips Electronics,
Samsung Electronics America Inc., Sony Corp. and Thomson Multimedia.

Alticast, Ltd., Espial Group Inc., RTL Newmedia, Tality Corp. and
Top 5 Media provided interactive-TV applications and content.

A slew of application servers, object carousels and other devices to insert
interactive content and applications signaling into the basic MPEG (Moving
Picture Expert Group) transport stream were provided by Alticast, S&T
Bulgaria Ltd., Tality and Tektronix Inc.

Meanwhile, work on the OpenCable specification continues. Hardware and
software specifications are complete, but CableLabs is continuing to work with
member companies and vendors to firm up the OCAP elements.

'We've identified no major roadblocks,' said Don Dulchinos, vice president of
advanced platforms and services at CableLabs, in a release. 'There's a lot of
work to be done, but both the cable operators and the vendors are committed to
integrating the necessary hardware and software upgrades to support OCAP over
the next several months.'