CableLabs OKs More DOCSIS 1.1 Gear


A crop of nine new Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 1.1
modems now carries the official stamp of approval from Cable Television
Laboratories Inc.

The Louisville, Colo.-based cable-technology consortium issued results from
its latest certification-testing round.

With this round, some 42 modems have gained DOCSIS 1.1 certification.

Certification winners include Arris, Askey Computer Corp., Belkin Components,
CastleNet Technology Inc., Fujitsu Ltd., Hitron Technologies USA Inc., LinkSys
Group Inc. and Thomson Multimedia. Com21 Inc. rounded out the nine with
recertification of its DOCSIS 1.1 modem.

In addition, CableLabs qualified Terayon Communication Systems Inc.'s
cable-modem-termination system for DOCSIS 1.1, and it recertified a unit from
Motorola Inc.

So far, 18 DOCSIS 1.1 CMTS units from various vendors have won the
qualification stamp.

The certification round also saw practice testing for
equipment to support the CableHome 1.0 home-networking standard, DOCSIS 2.0 and
PacketCable 1.0, with an eye toward full testing in upcoming