CableLabs Opens Gateway to DSG Gear


Cable Television Laboratories Inc. certified the first gear that went through testing of its Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification set-top gateway (DSG) initiative, giving the thumbs-up to equipment from Scientific-Atlanta Inc., BigBand Networks Inc., Arris Group Inc. and Motorola Inc.

CableLabs said it awarded "verified for interoperability" status to a DSG-capable set-top from S-A, as well as qualification status to three cable-modem-termination systems for DSG functionality.

BigBand's award was for its DOCSIS 1.1 CMTS, while Arris received an initial qualification and Motorola a requalification for its DOCSIS CMTS gear.

CableLabs said the blending of a DOCSIS modem into a set-top sets the stage for devices to emerge under its OpenCable specifications.

CableLabs also awarded CableHome 1.1 certification to devices from Cisco Systems Inc.’s Linksys unit and Netgear, plus two devices from ZyXEL Communications Corp.