CableLabs Opens PacketCable Certification


PacketCable is ready enough to open up for testing, according to Cable
Television Laboratories Inc.

The cable-technology consortium announced Tuesday that it has for the most
part frozen the long-awaited PacketCable specifications and will start testing
vendor products for certification next year.

Although there are some elements to the specification that may see changes
yet, four certification waves are planned in 2002.

An extension of Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 1.1
cable-modem technology, PacketCable is aimed at creating interoperable interface
standards to deliver Internet-protocol data, voice and rich media over

Cable operators could then mix and match certified systems with assurance
that they will interoperate and more easily offer services such as IP telephony,
interactive gaming and multimedia conferencing.

CableLabs has set up a working prototype of the PacketCable architecture in
its Louisville, Colo., lab to test products from more than 40 eligible

If products are certified in these early waves,
deployments could follow in late 2002 into 2003, according to CableLabs.