CableLabs: Panasonic Has 'Ample Time' To Ship Tru2way TV


CableLabs, responding to a telecom-industry blogger’s report that Panasonic had dramatically failed tru2way certification testing, issued a statement Wednesday saying that the consumer-electronics maker has “ample time” to meet its rollout schedule.

IP Democracy blogger Cynthia Brumfield filed a report Tuesday that Panasonic’s tru2way TV units encountered “dozens and dozens” of bugs in certification testing. Her post suggested that the product won’t be ready in time for the 2008 holiday shopping season as Panasonic and MSOs had expected.

According to Panasonic spokesman Jim Reilly, the company still expects tru2way-enabled HDTVs to deliver in time for the holiday selling season this year.

CableLabs, in its statement, said: “While we cannot address speculation made in the media about specific tests results, it is important to understand that it is common for devices to require multiple test runs before achieving CableLabs certification. Manufacturers generally account for such timing in their product plans.”

Panasonic has entered an upcoming certification wave, according to CableLabs, which “provides ample time for products to reach the marketplace to meet the company’s rollout schedule.”

CableLabs noted that it does not publish certification test results.

CableLabs also said that other tru2way products—including products from Samsung Electronics and Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB)—have already been certified to the spec.