CableLabs Seeks More Sound for PacketCable


Cable Television Laboratories Inc. is putting out a call to add more sound
to the PacketCable interface specifications.

The Louisville, Colo.-based cable-technology consortium has issued a request
for proposals for a royalty-free audio codec as an addition to the PacketCable

Audio codecs convert analog voice into packets for digital transmission, then
reconvert them back into analog for input into voice and media receivers.

So far, PacketCable recognizes three audio codecs for device manufacturers to
use --G.711, which is mandatory, and optional G.728 and G.729E.

The PacketCable initiative seeks to create guidelines for interoperable
Internet-protocol-based multimedia devices -- ranging from gaming devices to
voice and videoconferencing systems -- that can tap into two-way cable

Companies answering the codec call will have until June 7 to notify CableLabs
of their intent, with final submissions due June 28.

Interested companies can contact Venkatesh Sunkad at
303-661-3887 or electronic mail,