CableLabs Sets PacketCable Multimedia Spec


The broadband Internet is driving toward rich-media applications, and now it
has a new road map thanks to Cable Television Laboratories Inc.

The Louisville, Colo.-based consortium has issued the PacketCable Multimedia
specification and technical report, setting up guidelines for delivery of
Internet-protocol multimedia applications over cable systems.

An addition to the IP-voice- and data-centric PacketCable, the multimedia
specification outlines methods to reserve bandwidth and create
quality-of-service guarantees for multimedia services running on Data Over Cable
Service Interface Specification 1.1 networks.

That includes future interactive-gaming and streaming-media services cablers
might offer to broadband customers.

"This blueprint for delivery of multimedia services over cable is a great
step for our industry in its quest to provide consumers with differentiated
applications and features," said Mark Coblitz, Comcast Corp.'s senior vice
president of strategic planning.

"We are now in position to support a wide variety of IP-based services beyond
voice communication, and that is exciting," he added.