CableLabs To Stage 3D Interop


CableLabs will host a 3DTV interoperability event in February to let manufacturers of 3D-capable set-top boxes, TVs and test equipment check products designed for the R&D consortium's OpenCable 3DTV requirements.

The event, scheduled for Feb. 13-17 at the CableLabs headquarters in Louisville, Colo., will employ a suite of calibrated 3DTV video test streams based on the CableLabs specifications that were recently added to its 3DTV Lab. The new test streams were made available by Allegro DVT, a French provider of digital video and audio processing technologies and testing solutions.

CableLabs didn't announce which vendors are expected to participate in the interop.

CableLabs established the 3DTV Lab in 2010, which comprises 3DTVs and equipment for delivering stereoscopic video over cable networks.

The R&D consortium's 3D interoperability testing is intended to provide feedback to manufacturers on complying with existing specs.