CableLabs Stamps 7 DOCSIS 1.1 Modems


Cable Television Laboratories Inc. issued the results of the latest Data Over
Cable Service Interface Specification 1.1 certification round, and a lucky seven
vendors won the stamp of approval.

Ambit Microsystems Corp., Arris Interactive LLC, Ericsson Inc.,
Scientific-Atlanta Inc. and Tellabs Operations Inc. all won DOCSIS 1.1 modem
certification for the first time.

Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. and Texas Instruments Inc., which
claimed the first DOCSIS 1.1-certified modems in the last round, each added to
their certified lineup.

Toshiba gained certification for a new cable modem and recertification for
its previously certified modem, while TI received certification for a new

As a side note, Ericsson is in the process of selling its cable-modem
business, based in Lynchburg, Va., to Aastra Technologies Ltd., based in
Concord, Ontario.

While the list of certified modems is now longer, CableLabs did not qualify
any new cable-modem-termination systems for DOCSIS 1.1.

The only two CMTS vendors to win DOCSIS 1.1 qualification are Arris and
Cadant Inc. Arris is in the process of acquiring Cadant.

CableLabs also awarded one-dozen DOCSIS 1.0 certifications to various modem
vendors, and it handed out DOCSIS 1.0 qualifications for CMTS units to Cisco
Systems Inc. and Pacific Broadband Communications.