CableLabs Stamps CableHome Gateways


Two home residential gateways have been added to the list of certified
CableHome 1.0 products.

Cable Television Laboratories Inc. announced it added gateways from Netgear Inc. and
Scientific-Atlanta Inc. to the list of vendors winning CableHome 1.0 stamps in last
certification round that ended in late July.

So far, seven devices have now won CableHome 1.0 certification.

CableHome 1.0 specification lays out how devices function within a home
network powered by a broadband cable data connection.

Based on the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification for cable
modems, CableHome 1.0 includes basic provisioning and back-office planks to help
cable operators offer home networking services.

A follow-up CableHome 1.1 specification in the works will add more security
and quality of service elements.