CableLabs Teams Up with MoCA on Home Networks

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Cable Television Laboratories and the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) formally established a cooperative relationship under which they will share technical specifications related to home-networking technologies.

Both organizations will continue to develop specifications independently but will share published and draft specifications, as well as proposed documentation to ensure “seamless integration” of each other’s technology, according to a joint announcement.

“MoCA is in alignment with CableLabs’ forming liaisons with numerous entities in order to help the cable industry integrate new technologies into their service offerings,” CableLabs chief technology officer Ralph Brown said in a prepared statement. “Each organization recognizes the benefits the other brings to the table. While we will both operate independently, we intend to be mindful of ensuring mutual compatibility of specifications and technologies.”

MoCA president Charles Cerino added, “Both organizations share a common interest and in some respects are kindred spirits. This ongoing working relationship and agreement benefits service providers and the consumer to ensure interoperability within the home environment.”

MoCA is an industry consortium that promotes the distribution of digital video and entertainment through existing coaxial cable in the home. Members include Comcast, Cox Communications, Verizon Communications, Motorola, Entropic Communications and Panasonic.