CableLabs Tools Up Demos For Cable-Tec Expo

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CableLabs will provide hands-on demonstrations of tools and technologies -- including ad synchronization on "second screens" and using HTML5 for interactive TV applications -- at the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers' Cable-Tec Expo next week in Atlanta.

"Supporting our member companies in the deployment of advanced technologies is a critical mission for CableLabs," CableLabs chief technology officer Ralph Brown said. "Our presence at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2011 underscores the fact that our work extends beyond the development of technologies themselves, and into the realm of ongoing testing and operational issues."

The CableLabs' 1,000-square-foot exhibit, co-sponsored with SCTE, will feature demos including:

* Targeted ads delivered to tablets, smartphones and other devices that display interactive content synchronized with video content playing on viewers' televisions;

* Ways to incorporate HTML5 support for timed text tracks for new advertising insertion and interactive TV applications within a browser environment;

* Proactive network troubleshooting tools -- shown by Comcast, Cox Communications and Charter Communications CableLabs -- that use pre-equalization data to assist in the identification and localization of network impairments;

* The Examine Your Edge System (EYES) tool developed by CableLabs, Comcast and ADB, which is designed to let engineers see tru2way data that is flowing on the RF network;

* The ETV Activity Reporting System (EARS) developed by CableLabs and Comcast, which provides a common industry platform for gathering and reporting performance data tied to EBIF signaling and application delivery; and

* A new SIP Forum-compliant reference implementation by CableLabs that can be used by service providers and vendors to validate SIP-PBX and network equipment compliance with SIPconnect1.1.

According to SCTE president and CEO Mark Dzuban, the CableLabs exhibit is reflective of the ongoing collaboration between SCTE and CableLabs. "By bringing together the innovation of CableLabs with the training, education and operational activities of SCTE, we continue to advance our shared objective of accelerating the adoption and deployment of advanced technologies," he said.

Cable-Tec Expo is set to run Nov. 15-17 at the Georgia World Congress Center. The CableLabs demos will be in booth 1722.