CableSoft Launches in Fla


Jacksonville, Fla. -- CableSoft Corp., a provider of
on-demand information delivered over analog and digital set-tops, launched its service
last week in MediaOne Corp.'s Jacksonville, Fla., market.

The system fired up last Tuesday, and customers were
"asking for broadband boxes" within two days, executives said.

CableSoft is supplying customers in Jacksonville with a
suite of information services tailored to that region, including 24-hour access to
weather, sports, entertainment and lottery listings. There is no charge for the service,
because CableSoft is instead pursuing a revenue-split arrangement with its MSO takers,
executives there have said.

The service is based on an open architecture, and ports to
a variety of platforms including Microsoft Corp.'s Windows CE, Sun Microsystem
Inc.'s Java, and commonly used HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) formats. On cable
systems, it can run within the vertical blanking interval or on out-of-band or video
channels, executives said.