Cablevision Adds Out-Of-Home Viewing To App

Optimum App No Longer Limited By Home Network Connection
Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 3.53.00 PM.png

Cablevision has updated its Optimum App in order to allow access to live TV and on-demand content for customers connected to any Internet service, inside or outside the home.  

The new TV to Go feature expands the provider’s previous rendition of its Optimum app, which allowed customers to watch their full lineup of live and on-demand content on various devices, but required they remain connected to their home network. 

Customers can use their Optimum ID and password to access content from more than 100 networks (including services such as HBO Go and Watch ESPN), schedule DVR recordings and use remote control functionality via the app. 

“The integration of TV to Go networks into the Optimum App makes it the ultimate platform for mobile TV viewing, whether a customer is connected to their home network or out and about,” Bradley Feldman, senior vice president of product management for Cablevision, said in a release. 

The app is currently available for free on iOS, Android and Amazon.