Cablevision Books Bermuda Flight

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Cablevision Systems' New York-area subscribers will be getting some Bermuda shorts -- as well as long-form content about the island vacation destination.

The operator announced a deal with Bermuda Tourism to showcase content about the country's beaches and other attractions that will appear on its (channel 608) and Cablevision's Market Showcase video-on-demand services. The deal also includes Cablevision's Power :30 commercials, which will allow viewers to "telescope" directly from 30-second spots to Bermuda Tourism VOD content. In addition, Cablevision viewers will be able to request brochure materials to be mailed to them on Bermuda tourism and vacation plans.

The videos, produced by New York-based, will highlight Bermuda's pink-sand beaches, wildlife, cricket matches and the origin of Bermuda shorts, among other topics. Cablevision worked with Bermuda Tourism and its advertising agency GlobalHue New York.

The cable company's viewers "will now have the ability to discover the rich and beautiful history of this island, interact with content on the television and request travel information with the click of the remote control," said Barry Frey, executive vice president of Cablevision's advanced platform sales.

Cablevision's other travel and vacation sponsors have included Aruba Tourism, Disney Parks, Sea World, Israeli Tourism, the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism, Lake George, Discovery Cove., which Cablevision added earlier this year, joins other niche VOD channels carried by the operator, including Optimum Autos, Optimum Homes and CNET TV. Cablevision has implemented branded interactive VOD channels for other clients including the U.S. Navy, Dove Chocolate, General Motors, BMW and Sony.