Cablevision Falls Short on Digital


Cablevision Systems Corp. released some financial guidance Monday, including
notice that it would deliver less than one-half the number of digital-cable
subscribers it had previously targeted for 2001.

In a press release, Cablevision said it would end the year with 17,200
digital-cable subscribers. The target had been 40,000.

Cablevision said it held off on accelerating its digital rollout in the
fourth quarter 'to further enhance the product's performance to ensure a
positive customer experience.'

Cablevision's ambitious digital product rollout -- called iO: Interactive
Optimum -- has suffered technical glitches since its introduction in New York's
Long Island area in September.

Most analysts expected the MSO to finish the year with about 30,000 digital

The shortfall seemed to affect Cablevision's stock, which fell $1.71 per
share to $42.40 Monday.