Cablevision Fires Back at FiOS


Cablevision Systems Corp. fired a major bandwidth salvo back at rival Verizon Communications Inc.’s “FiOS” fiber-to-the-home-based service, announcing speed upgrades for its “Optimum Online” Internet offerings in Connecticut, including a new premium tier offering speed as high as 30 megabits per second downstream.

Bethpage, N.Y.-based Cablevision introduced “Optimum Online Boost” to its residential and business customers in Connecticut, offering a maximum 30-mbps downstream, 2-mbps upstream connection.

It is available to new and existing cable-modem customers for an added $14.95 monthly premium on top of what they pay for the standard Optimum Online high-speed-Internet service. If they also sign up for the MSO’s “Optimum Voice” service, that premium drops to $9.95 monthly.

At the same time, Cablevision is also boosting the bandwidth for its main Optimum Online cable-modem service to 15 mbps downstream, 2 mbps upstream for no extra charge. The service was previously running at 10 mbps downstream, 1 mbps upstream.

“As Internet services and high-tech gadgets become increasingly sophisticated and reliant on high-speed-Internet connections, the top-rated high-speed-Internet service in the nation is now even faster and more valuable,” Cablevision executive vice president of product management and marketing Patricia Gottesman said.

Next up will be Cablevision’s New York City metro footprint, where the cable operator is now making network upgrades to offer Optimum Online Boost by the middle of this year.

Boost also offers up to 15 e-mail addresses with 1 gigabyte of storage per address, plus Web-hosting tools allowing customers to create their own Web sites.