Cablevision Lands Ford VOD Ads


Ford Motor Co. is running ads delivered by its JWT Detroit advertising agency on the Optimum Autos interactive channel on Cablevision Systems Corp.’s video-on-demand service.

Ford said this marks its first VOD marketing campaign in its history, and the ads will appear exclusively on Optimum.

The campaign is specifically designed to reach new Ford car buyers, and it will highlight the company’s “Fusion” and “Explorer” models. Cablevision said it will set aside “a significant” portion of its VOD inventory for Ford.

Ads will include a video tour of each vehicle, plus vehicle specifications and safety information. The Fusion VOD channel will feature a mini-site featuring 30 minutes of music videos from Norwegian band Hurra Torpedo to reach out to young car buyers, while the Explorer section will offer a sweepstakes to see the “Ironman” competition in Hawaii.