Cablevision Launches Cancer Awareness Channel


Cablevision Systems and The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research Tuesday announced the launch of an interactive video-on-demand channel that allows iO TV customers throughout the tri-state area to learn more about pancreatic cancer and what is being done to fight the deadly disease.

Located on Channel 615, the new Lustgarten channel was created as part of the curePC campaign and rolled out officially in November in recognition of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

curePC is a public awareness campaign launched jointly by Cablevision and The Lustgarten Foundation in support of the fight against pancreatic cancer, America’s fourth-leading cause of cancer death.

In addition to using its media and entertainment assets to battle this deadly disease, Cablevision has committed to underwriting all of The Lustgarten Foundation’s administrative costs to ensure that 100% of every dollar donated to the Foundation will go directly to pancreatic cancer research.

“We are extremely pleased that this new interactive channel will make it easier than ever for millions of people to learn more about pancreatic cancer and about what our organization is doing in the fight against this deadly disease,” Lustgarten Foundation President Dr. Robert Vizza said in a statement. “The commitment Cablevision has made to use its unique portfolio of assets, such as its digital television service, is instrumental in raising awareness for this important cause, and its support of the Foundation ensures that every dollar donated will go directly to research so that, hopefully, someday a cure can be found.”

Cablevision plans to promote the new channel through on-screen banners on the iO TV digital cable service and other marketing tactics.