Cablevision Makes Its Case Against Fox


Cablevision Monday told the Federal Communications Commission that it was documenting "clear" evidence of bad faith negotiations by Fox parent News Corp.

That came in a response to the FCC Monday (text available here), which had asked both sides to document their retrans dealings, which so far have failed to result in an agreement.

Cablevision says News Corp. has demanded a "take it or leave it rate," that it timed the deadline to deny access to baseball playoffs, and that it has benefitted from FCC waivers to allow it to own multiple outlets in the New York market, power it is attempting to leverage against Cablevision.

Fox told the FCC it has carefully complied with the law in its dealings with Cablevision.

It is unclear what the FCC can do even if it finds either side has not bargained in good faith. Asked what actions the FCC could take, a spokesperson would only say: "The Commission will review the filings and continue to monitor the situation."