Cablevision Mobilizes DVR App


Cablevision Systems has introduced a mobile version of its Web-based DVR scheduling feature that lets broadband subscribers who also lease a DVR find shows, set recordings and delete content from any Internet-capable mobile device.

The feature, available through its mobile site, works with iPhones, BlackBerry smartphones and other Web-enabled mobile devices. Cablevision launched the remote DVR management feature for regular Web browsers in September, the first cable operator to offer the capability across its entire footprint.

Cablevision's mobile DVR management app

Cable had been a marketing target for satellite and telco TV operators, who played up their own DVR management features in competitive ads.

In addition to remote DVR access, for mobile offers Cablevision broadband subscribers access to their e-mail, local news, weather and traffic information, TV listings, information on local business and services by location, and movie listings and theaters by location.

Cablevision officially launched the mobile portal earlier this year. It was created with New York-based Usablenet, which specializes in developing Web sites for mobile devices.