Cablevision Offers Same-Day VOD Pre-Roll Ad Insertion


Expanding its advertising arsenal, Cablevision Systems Corp. will begin offering same-day video-on-demand insertion and telescoping opportunities across its entire service area later this summer.
The addition of the same-day VOD ad insertion in pre-roll positions will enable advertisers to begin a new flight or swap out existing 15- or 30-second spots within 24 hours of notification. Cablevision officials said this initiative, in addition to marking the quickest turnaround in the industry, represents the largest deployment of VOD advertising within in a single market.
Clients will be able to direct relevant advertising messages to specific viewer segments, based on the VOD content they choose. The 24-hour VOD ad insertion opportunities will include Cablevision's interactive dedicated VOD channels for Optimum Homes, Optimum Autos, Travel, Health and Electronics as well as content in which Cablevision has the right to insert ads. All told, Cablevision offers some 6,000 VOD titles, with thousands offered to its digital iO customers at no charge.
"The advertising community has been seeking a vehicle that provides greater flexibility and mid-stream course changes in relation to opportunities and market conditions that arise," said David Kline, president and chief operating officer of Rainbow Advertising Sales Corp., the advertising arm for Cablevision, in a statement. "We believe this new insertion service is the answer to the industry's ad targeting and turnaround needs."
As for the telescoping opportunity, Cablevision has inked deals with Disney Parks, the U.S. Navy and Newsday, the newspaper owned by the cable operator.
To that end, Cablevision's branded VOD channels allow advertisers to engage consumers via long-form content, polling, photos, RFI capabilities and a "Talk To Agent" feature, which allows consumers to request an immediate call from the advertiser's customer service representative.
"Cablevision continues to enhance its advanced TV advertising plans by launching innovative solutions to the on-demand platform," ," said Craig Woerz, managing partner, Media Storm LLC, in a statement. "With the highest digital penetration in the country, our clients demand solutions and Cablevision continues to deliver new ways to engage this ever fragmenting universe