Cablevision Picks Affinegy's Software To Hook Up Wireless Routers

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Cablevision Systems has implemented Affinegy's home-networking software to help subscribers connect their wireless routers as part of the recently launch Ultimate Triple Play.

Cablevision last month launched the Ultimate Triple Play, which includes Optimum Online Boost Plus, a DOCSIS 3.0-based service providing 50 Megabit per second downloads.

The operator is using Affinegy's Home Portal software to discover, connect and manage subscribers' wireless home networks and connected devices, such as PCs, game consoles, printers and connected TVs. Once the network is installed, the software actively monitors and diagnoses connections, and Cablevision support technicians are able to view and remotely manage the performance of subscribers' wireless networks through the Care Portal.

Also Wednesday, Affinegy announced the next version of the software, Home Portal 2.0, which includes the ability to discover and share photos, music, videos and documents and provides a guide to walk users connected tasks such as adding a new device.

Home Portal 2.0 will be available in the third quarter of 2011. Austin, Texas-based Affinegy said its software has been deployed in more than 7.6 million households.