Cablevision Replaces Voom Suite With Premium HD Services


Cablevision Systems has started replacing its 15 Voom HD
services, which it said it was pulling the plug on back in December, with
premium HD services, officials said Wednesday.

During the next three days Cablevision is adding various HD
multiplexes from HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz and Encore to the company's iO
TV high-definition lineup, which now offers customers access to 70 channels of
free HD.

With more than 1.3 million customers taking HD service,
Cablevision's HD penetration has reached nearly 50% of all iO TV households.

In December Rainbow Media Holdings, the programming arm of
Cablevision, announced that it was ceasing domestic operations for its suite of
15 Voom HD channels, which included Monsters HD.

Rainbow's partner in the Voom services, Dish Network,
dropped them last May, and both parties are involved in ongoing litigation on
the matter, with the programmer seeking $1 billion in damages. Cablevision
was then left as the only U.S.
distributor carrying the Voom suite, and it actually dropped the 15 networks
earlier this week.

The new channels , which require an HD capable set-top box,
are: Encore HD; Starz Kids & Family HD; Starz Edge HD; HBO Signature HD;
HBO Family HD; HBO Comedy HD; HBO Zone HD; HBO2 HD; HBO Latino HD; Action Max
HD; More Max HD; @Max HD; Outer Max HD; Showtime Too HD; and Showtime Showcase

In order to receive the 15 new Voom replacement channels,
however, Cablevision customers must subscribe to the premium services. That
means that Cablevision HD customers who don't subscribe to premium services
will now have 15 less HD channels.

"Cablevision is pleased to add 15 new channels to the iO TV
high-definition lineup, and expand the range of entertainment options available
to customers in the superior HD format," John Trierweiler, Cablevision's senior
vice president of product management, said in a prepared statement. "We
continue to enhance the iO TV experience by delivering more value and customer
choice without the extra equipment costs or programming package fees charged by
our competitors."