Cablevision Streamlines International Calling

Offers 2-Cent/Minute Calling to More Than 50 Countries Without a Separate Plan

Cablevision Systems said it is making it easier for Optimum Voice subscribers to make overseas calls at a low, unified rate.

Under a new plan announced Monday, Optimum Voice subs can now call more than 50 global destinations for 2 cents per minute without taking an additional international calling plan.

The new feature, which does not require separate activation or setup, also lets customers link their mobile phone to their Optimum Voice home phone service, giving them the same rates when they place international calls from their cell phones.

 “We make it easy for our customers to connect with the world, and Optimum Voice’s new flexible, cost-effective international calling option provides customers with tremendous savings and convenience. With rates as low as 2 cents per minute, customers simply pick up the phone and dial friends and family around the world. They only pay for what they use with our unique calling service,” said Gemma Toner, Cablevision’s senior vice president of broadband product management, in a statement.

Cablevision added 3,000 new voice subscribers in the second quarter, extending its total to 2.29 million.