Cablevision Tech Sparks Fire at L.I. Home


In a story headlined, "The Cable Guy Wrecked Our Home," Cablevision Systems Corp. was skewered in the New York Post Friday in an article that detailed how one of its technicians sparked a fire at the Long Island, N.Y., home of one of its sales trainees.

The Post reported how a Cablevision technician drilling a hole in the bedroom of the new "dream house" of Madelyn and Mike Youngelman sparked a fire after he hit the main power line, leading to extensive smoke and water damage.

The kicker: Mike Youngelman, who recently joined the sales-trainee program at Cablevision, was warned after missing work to meet with fire inspectors that he would have to drop out until the next training session begins April 20 if he took any more time off, he told the Post.

"I was burned out of my house by Cablevision, my daughter was almost killed … but nobody from Cablevision has assisted us in finding a place to live," he told the Post.

Cablevision released a statement Friday detailing its efforts to help Youngelman and his family.

"Since this unfortunate incident, we have been working very closely with the Youngelman family to assist them in a number of ways, including providing immediate cash assistance, helping them to locate suitable alternate housing and continuing Mr. Youngelman’s salary and benefits for several weeks until he resumes his sales-training program," Cablevision said in the statement.

"We have also agreed to pay for certain incidental expenses, and we will continue to work with the family during this difficult period to address all reasonable concerns," the MSO added.