Cablevision Ups Data Speeds to 15 Mbps


Cablevision Systems Corp. raised the bar on its “Optimum Online” high-speed-data service, increasing the speeds for current subscribers from 10 megabits per second downstream/1 mbps upstream to 15 mbps down/2 mbps up at no additional cost.

The company also rolled out 30-mbps and 50-mbps options across its territory.

The 30-mbps tier will cost $14.95 per month above current pricing, or an additional $9.95 for customers in Cablevision’s voice-over-Internet-protocol bundle. Cablevision did not release pricing on the 50-mbps tier. A spokesman said that service will be highly targeted to potential residential and business customers.

Cablevision said it will begin deploying the new speeds immediately in some areas, and they will be systemwide by mid-2006.

The 30-mbps “Optimum Online Boost” service also will include 15 e-mail addresses with 1 gigabyte of storage per address, Web-hosting capabilities and advanced-configuration capabilities.