Cablevision, WFSB Extend Retrans Negotiations

Agree To Extend Talks to Jan. 3

Cablevision and Connecticut CBS affiliate WFSB said Tuesday that they have agreed to extend their retransmission consent talks, allowing cable customers in the area access to the Hartford station’s content at least until after the New Year.

In a brief statement, Cablevision said the two parties have agreed to extend their retrans agreement until Jan. 3 at 6:30 p.m.

WFSB said earlier in the week that it was in danger of going dark to Cablevision customers in Connecticut because the two hadn’t reached a retransmission consent agreement.  However, even if the station does go dark, the vast majority of Cablevision’s customers in the state would still have access to CBS programming through the network’s New York affiliate, WCBS Channel 2.

Cablevision had said earlier hat it had already agreed to pay WFSB for carriage in Litchfield and New Haven Counties, but that the station was threatening to pull its signal from those areas if the cable operator did not also agree to carriage in Fairfield County, which is primarily served by the WCBS affiliate.