Cablevision's Rutledge, Disney's Pyne Are Witnesses For House Video Competition Hearing

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The House Energy & Commerce Committee has lined up its witnesses for an Oct. 22 hearing on video competion --on TV as well as online.

According to sources the witnesses will be Cablevision COO Tom Rutledge; Benjamin Pyne, president Global Distribution, for Disney Media Networks; Terrence Denson, vice president, corporate marketing, for Verizon; Patrick Knorr, COO, Sunflower Broadband (past chairman of the American Cable Association); Adam Thierer, new head of the Progress & Freedom Foundation; and Writers Guild of America member Ronald Moore.

No word on why the hearing was scheduled directly opposite the FCC's Oct. 22, 10 a.m., public meeting on proposed new network neutrality rules, which could also have serious implications for online content delivery. A 10 a.m. start time is customary for subcommittee hearings, but they have been known to start in the afternoon as well.