Cadent Adding Addressable Linear to TV Ad Dashboard

New software manages campaigns across platforms, operators

Cadent has upgraded its software to allow cable operators to manage and analyze addressable linear advertising alongside campaigns using other platforms.

The new Cadent system manages and implements addressable advertising via the cloud, which allows for greater scale by bypassing the limitations of set-top boxes, the company said. The new system also provides the kind of advanced analytics and reporting that advertisers get from digital ad platforms in real time.

"[O]ur product is integrated with the core software management platform that already manages inventory across multiple screens and multiple platforms,” Stephanie Mitchko-Beale, Cadent CTO/COO, said. "The benefit to advertisers, inventory owners and operators is that it allows a single view of inventory in the space where people are looking to target audiences by using data, and then managing a campaign across all those platforms to meet the desired campaign requirements.”

Cadent clients will be able to dynamically insert creative into the local ad inventory sold by cable operators. The software will also allow cable operators to insert ads into set-top boxes at the household level into national programming at the behest of the networks, said Les Carter, vice president and chief architect at Cadent.

“Delivering the ads through the IP channel of the set-top box in relatively real time, and doing decisioning real-time in the cloud, is architecturally a differentiator and an advantage for the platform,” Mitchko-Beale said.