CAGW Celebrates Media-Related Victories

Cites permanent ITFA bill and muni broadband court decision

Citizens Against Government Waste counted a couple of media-related decisions among what it was billing as "major victories" for the group.

One was the February passage of the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act. The bill permanently bars states and localities from imposing taxes on Internet access.

A temporary renewal of the ITFA -- which has been regularly renewed since it passed in 1998 as a temporary ban -- had been extended regularly through the end of September.

"For almost two decades, CAGW had lobbied for the temporary Internet tax ban first enacted in 1998 to be made permanent to preserve the Internet as a vital engine of economic growth," CAGW said in an e-mail. "The new law prevents Americans from being hit with an additional tax bill totaling up to $14.7 billion annually."

Also on CAGW's list of victories was the court ruling in August overturning the FCC's preemption of state laws limiting municipal broadband buildouts.

"CAGW has long documented how municipal broadband networks across the country have been a huge financial drain on local taxpayers, and the court’s decision upholds states’ rights to limit these ill-conceived ventures," CAGW said.