Calif. Gov. Using Adlink's `Adcopy'


The Gov. Gray Davis Committee has become the first major political client to
use Adlink's audience-segmentation abilities on behalf of a major political
campaign in the Los Angeles market.

The Los Angeles interconnect announced Monday that the committee's political
specialist, Luc Media, worked with Adlink's 'Adcopy' segmentation tool to send
commercials tailored to specific audiences within the DMA, based on voting
attitudes and tendencies.

Three spots for the Democratic governor's campaign were developed by Doak,
Carrier, O'Donnell & Associates.

The Republican areas of the DMA will, by election day (Nov. 5), see the spots
entitled 'Agree' and 'You and Your Family,' which focus on 'tough-on-crime' and
'family-values' issues, Adlink said, while those in Democratic areas will
simultaneously see the spots dubbed 'Honor' and 'Progress,' which highlight
senior-citizen and war-veteran issues and Davis' past