Camiant Widens Cable-Modem Reach


Camiant announced that its network-management platform, the Multimedia Policy Engine, will be deployed in systems covering more than 70% of North American cable modem subscribers by mid-March.

The system, qualified for CableLabs' PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM) specification, has been rolled out by seven of the 11 largest MSOs in North America, said Camiant vice president of business development Randy Fuller. Customers include Comcast, Cox Communications Videotron, Singapore's Starhub and Buckeye CableSystem in Ohio.

Camiant's Multimedia Policy Engine allows a cable operator to establish different levels of priority for bandwidth used by different applications or subscribers.

MSOs are primarily using three applications for the system, Fuller said: for voice-over-IP, to ensure call quality; for "fair use" bandwidth control and congestion management; and dynamic tiering, which refers to offering higher-speed service to customers for a limited time to entice them to upgrade.

Comcast, for example, is using the Camiant system as part of complying with a Federal Communications Commission order that it stop managing its bandwidth by specifically targeting peer-to-peer applications and adopt a more neutral technique. The MSO's "protocol-agnostic" bandwidth management technique temporarily throttles back the speeds of the heaviest Internet users during times of network congestion.