Cancer Effort Crosses Platforms


Lifetime, now in the 12th year of its “Stop Breast Cancer for Life” campaign, has taken a multimedia approach to disseminating information about the initiative.

Throughout the month of October, “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” the women's programmer has dedicated a major portion of to the cause, and is engaging an array of other new media platforms — notably fund-raising partnerships with and RealArcade, plus public-service announcements on XM Satellite Radio — to get its outreach message out loud and clear

Among the content available at is a blog from a survivor; breast-cancer information and detection methods; a petition to stop “drive-through” mastectomies; video interviews with celebrities; a public service announcement by singer Jewel; photo galleries of survivors and special events; and promotions for “pink” products supporting breast cancer awareness.

“It's an aggregation of all the content,” said Dan Suratt, executive vice president of digital media and business development for Lifetime Entertainment Services. “Historically, we've had breast-cancer awareness information on our Web site, but this time what we've done is put it in a central, robust area.”

Relative to fund-raising partnerships, Lifetime will donate the proceeds from the sale of “pink” products through, while RealArcade will donate $1 for every completed download and installation of its software, driven by links from the programmer's Web site.

XM Radio is airing public-service announcements and interviews from advocates and survivors, encouraging women to use the tools of early detection.

For their part, systems owned by cable operators reaching nearly 70 million subscribers are giving away “tools of detection” brochures in their local communities and airing special PSAs and tune-in spots for Lifetime's breast cancer awareness-themed programming.

On the wireless front, Lifetime has teamed up with mobile technology provider Telescope to enable viewers to “text to give” messages honoring loved ones that may be televised during the network's airing of four breast cancer-themed movies: Two Against Time, Four Extraordinary Women, In a Private Garden, and Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy.

Those telefilms are also in Lifetime's video-on-demand package, along with breast cancer-themed episodes of Speaking of Women's Health; behind-the-scenes footage from Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy; and episodes of Intimate Portrait profiling celebrity survivors such as Ann Curry, Rosanna Arquette and Marg Helgenberger.

“The big take-away from what we're doing, and what it represents for Lifetime digitally, is that this is the way we're going,” said Suratt.