Canoe Says VOD Ad Impressions Rose 21%

2,286 campaigns ran during first quarter
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Canoe says that video on demand ad impressions rose to nearly 5 billion during the first quarter.

In a new report, Canoe, owned by Comcast, Cox Communications and Charter Communications, says it delivered 4.995 billion impressions, up 21% from 4.133 billion in the first quarter of 2016.

During all of 2016, Canoe delivered a record 17.9 billion impressions.

Canoe handles VOD dynamic ad insertion when shows from national TV networks run on MVPD’s VOD platforms.

Canoe ran 2,286 campaigns during the first quarter, up 31% from 1,751 a year ago. Canoe said that 75% of the campaigns were for external clients and 25% were comprised of network tune-in ads. The campaigns for clients were in a broad variety of categories ranging from addiction help to auto sales to toys and travel.

The vast majority of VOD ads ran as mid-rolls, with 4.2 billion running in the middle of content, compared to 733 million running as pre-roll and 95 million delivered as post-roll.

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