Car Talk: ITS Welcomes House Interest in 5-GHz Spectrum

V2V System Makers Signal They Also Seek WiFi Solution

Thomas Kern, interim president of ITS America: The High-Tech Transportation Association, said he welcomes the House Energy & Commerce Committee's decision to wade into the 5-GHz issue.

"We applaud House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders for their thoughtful, collaborative approach to spectrum policy and for their efforts to increase unlicensed spectrum without putting life-saving connected-vehicle technologies at risk," said Kern. "Wi-Fi and vehicle-to-vehicle communication are both revolutionary innovations, and we are looking forward to working with Congress to advance solutions to expand Wi-Fi while also accelerating the adoption of next-generation crash avoidance technologies on our nation's roads."

The makers of Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications systems want to make sure that opening the upper portion of the 5-GHz band to unlicensed WiFi does not interfere with current and future intelligent vehicle systems, like crash avoidance. Those systems are currently licensed operators in the band.

Cable operators and others, including members of Congress, have been urging the FCC to find a way to open up the band for more WiFi use while also protecting intelligent transportation services (ITS) collision avoidance systems.