Cartoon Catches Nick in Total Day


For the first time since 1995, Nickelodeon is not the undisputed household
ratings leader among basic-cable networks gauged on a total-day basis. Rival
Cartoon Network tied the traditional kidvid kingpin during the week of June 11
through 17.

Both Cartoon and Nick averaged a 1.3 rating for the week, and they were also
tied for first place among the emerging 'tweens' demo, the nine-through-14 age
group, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Cartoon's ratings ascension was paced by its seven-hour Powerpuff
'Papathon' on Father's Day, June 17, which more than doubled the
network's delivery to some 418,000 viewers and scored a 92 percent ratings
increase among the nine-through-14 set compared with the same span last year,
according to the channel.

But while Cartoon may hold bragging rights for the week, Nickelodeon
spokesman David Bittler said the Viacom Inc. network's second-quarter
performance is on pace to keep Nickelodeon in first place for the
23rd consecutive quarter.

'We're 17 percent ahead of the No. 2 competitor, which is Lifetime
[Television], and 22 percent of third-place Cartoon Network,' Bittler