Cast Breaks TNT on Breaking News Pullout

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Pasadena, Calif. -- Arts network Bravo announced several new shows during
its Television Critics Association tour session here Thursday, but its
acquisition of Turner Network Television-produced Breaking News garnered the most attention.

The show's director and actors took shots at TNT, which dropped the
network-news drama a year ago without airing one episode.

Series co-creator and executive producer Gardner Stern and co-executive
producer and director Kevin Olin both said they have yet to get a complete
explanation from TNT as to why the network abruptly canceled the drama before
airing it.

Turner executives could not be reached at press time. The only statement TNT
ever released on the issue was a year ago, saying, 'The network decided, in
assessing its upcoming programming opportunities and resources, that original
series Breaking News would no longer be a part of our upcoming

Other Bravo programming additions this fall include new original series
Second City Presents with Bill Zehme, Gay Weddings and Page to
, the network said.